How to download Instagram stories quickly and conveniently

Download the story of Instagram fast MoveInsta

Instagram stories became extremely popular from the beginning. However, the biggest problem with stories is that they are only stored for a day, and then removed from the account. Thus, it's not really surprising that the question "How to download Instagram stories?" is one of the most common searches on the web.

As of today, there are several ways how you can save Instagram stories:

  • You can install a browser extension or a browser plugin. The disadvantages of this method are the instability of the extensions and the need of authorization for downloading. And at times all of us want to stay unnoticed and download everything we need;
  • Another way is to try and use an Android/iOS app. The drawback is the same - the need for authorization. There is no need to talk about the level of anonymity and privacy when using such applications.

Downloading Instagram live streams is an even more time-consuming task. Most extensions allow you to download them as two separate tracks - video and audio files. And if you want to connect the two files together, you will need to spend more time on finding and installing additional programs. In addition, it requires certain knowledge and skills.

How to Save Instagram Stories Using MoveInsta

MoveInsta offers a simple answer to the question "How to download Instagram stories to your computer or phone?". The entire process won't take more than five minutes. In fact, you won't even need to authorize, because you view the account and download files completely anonymous. If you want to download a certain Instagram story, you have to:

  • Enter the user's alias in the search bar and look for the account. The search procedure is extremely fast and accurate;
  • View the opened profile. MoveInsta service provides full access to all account viewing options, meaning that all photos, videos and other materials are viewable;
  • Select the desired story and click on it;
  • Click the download icon. Files will be saved to the selected folder on your device.

MoveInsta also allows you to download Instagram live streams. You can save them in MP4 format in the highest quality. The screenshot shows that the resolution of the downloaded file corresponds to the source. You can be sure that there are no lags and freezes during the playback. All of the files you download are automatically saved as“MoveInsta”, but you can rename them any time you wish.

Advantages of Downloading Instagram Stories With MoveInsta

Testing has clearly shown that MoveInsta has a number of obvious advantages over other similar services. First of all, it's incredibly easy to use. Even a kid will have no problems figuring out how it works. In addition, you don't need any special skills in order to use browser extensions. Other advantages of the service include:

  • Time-saving. No need to look for special applications for the phone, or plug-ins for the browser;
  • Guaranteed anonymity. No one will find out that you viewed their profile and downloaded their stories;
  • Privacy. There is no need to to enter your personal data for authorization, as it is the case with many similar applications;
  • Universality. The service works equally quickly and efficiently both on your phone and PC. Moreover, you are not tied to a specific OS, like applications from GooglePlay or AppStore. This is especially helpful for the ones who want to find out how to download Instagram stories on their phones.

As you can see, downloading stories using MoveInsta is fast, easy and safe. No special knowledge is needed. In fact, you can get everything done in just three clicks. Maintaining confidentiality is another thing that makes this service truly special.